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How Many Seconds Are In An Hour?

Life changes quickly. Understanding its fundamental units is essential for managing and appreciating the moments that shape our existence. In this context, a fundamental query arises: how many seconds constitute an hour?

The answer is, there are 3,600 seconds in an hour.

Seconds, minutes, and hours are a measure of time that we use daily to keep track of its passing. It’s important that we know how to convert between all of them.

The Seconds In An Hour

Seconds converted to 1 minute, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, and 1 year

In the International System of Units, the second is the base unit of time. To calculate the number of seconds in one hour, first, you must know that there are 60 seconds in a minute and 60 minutes in an hour. Here is the formula:

Seconds in a Minute x Minutes in an Hour = Seconds in an Hour

  • 1 Hour: 60 seconds per minute x 60 minutes per hour = 3600 seconds

That’s a lot of seconds! Let’s continue with our conversions.

Seconds in a Day

There are 24 hours in a day. If there are 3,600 seconds in 1 hour, all you must do is multiply that by 24 to find the seconds in a day.

Seconds in an Hour x Hours in a Day = Seconds in a Day

  • 1 Day: 3600 seconds per hour x 24 hours per day = 86,400 seconds

There are 86,400 seconds in the 24 hours of a day.

Seconds in a Week

With that previous answer and knowing there are 7 days in a week, we can figure out the seconds in a week.

Seconds in a Day x Days in a Week = Seconds in a Week

  • 1 Week: 86,400 seconds per day x 7 days per week = 604,800 seconds

There are 604,800 seconds in a week.

Seconds in a Month

The seconds in a month are more difficult to calculate because each month has a different number of days, and February has an extra day in a leap year. That’s why there are 2,419,200 seconds to 2,678,400 seconds in a month.

Seconds in a Day x Days in a Month = Seconds in a Month

  • 1 Month: 86,400 seconds per day x (28-31) days per month = 2,419,200 to 2,678,400 seconds
    • 28 days = 2,419,200 seconds
    • 29 days = 2,505,600 seconds
    • 30 days = 2,592,000 seconds
    • 31 days = 2,678,400 seconds

Seconds in a Year

By multiplying the seconds in a day by the 365 days of the year, the result is 31,536,000 seconds in a year.

Seconds in a Day x Days in a Year = Seconds in a Year

  • 1 Year: 86,400 seconds per day x 365 days per year = 31,536,000 seconds

However, every 4 years, there is an extra day on the calendar. That means there are 31,622,400 seconds in a leap year (366 days).


In summation, converting such a small unit as seconds into other units of time does take some work, but it’s not difficult. All it takes is some time to get the times correct.

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How many seconds are there in a year of 365 days?

There are 31,536,000 seconds in a common year of 365 days.

How much time is 1 billion seconds?

1 Billion seconds (1,000,000,000) is equal to about 16,666,666.7 minutes, 277,777.8 hours, 11,574.1 days, or 31.7098 years.

How many years old are you if you have lived 1 million seconds?

If you have live 1 million seconds (1,000,000), you are only about 11.5 days old.

What is 45 seconds of 1 hour?

45 seconds is 3/4s of an hour or 75%.

How many seconds in an hour and a half?

There are 5,400 seconds in an hour and a half.