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What Does OML Mean? 4 Ways To Use It!

OML is a texting acronym that means Oh My Lord!

OML can also be used to express shock, annoyance, excitement, and sadness. It is a reactionary term used to show deep emotional sentiments. This term is not only used while texting it is also used on a wide variety of social media platforms — Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Image showing OML Meaning: Oh My Lord


Sally: Did you study for the test?
Chandra: OML! No, I totally forgot!


Martina: OML! Why did you move my keys?
Christina: Why are you always so irritated? 


Joanie: Did you hear that my cousin died?
Rick: OML!  No, I’m so sorry.


Daniel: OML! I can’t believe I won!

What does OML mean on snapchat? OML means the same thing on snap chat. However, the use of OML is a reaction to the snap viewed instead of a text received. A snap consists of pictures and short videos with words and music. The snap appeals to the visual and auditory senses. Therefore, the OML response is a reflection of the type of emotion evoked by the snap.

 What does OMLL stand for on Instagram? It stands for “Oh my Lola’s Lord.” It is a term similar to OML to express surprise and excitement. This term is usually used by atheists and agnostics that don’t want to use the word Lord due to its religious connotation. 

What does OMLL stand for? In one sense the abbreviation has nothing to do with the texting slang acronym OML!  In some instances, OMLL has an extra L and stands for Origin of Man, Language and Languages. 

OML meaning in the army stands for Order of Merit List. In the army, this term also differs from the “text slang” acronym widely used.

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