Image of an Owl asking what does ps mean

What Does P.S. Mean?

P.S. stands for postscript. It is an afterthought added at the end of a letter. It comes from the Latin word “post scriptum” which means “written after”. A postscript can be as short as a sentence or longer like a paragraph.  A letter might also include a P.P.S. (Post-Postscript): An additional message written after a …

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Image with Owl that says: What does wyd mean?

What Does WYD Mean?

“WYD” is a texting acronym and internet slang that means “What are You Doing?”  It can be a literal question to find out what someone is doing, or as a greeting like What’s going on? WYD can also be used in exasperation, such as: You forgot to lock the door, wyd?! Variations: WUD: What U …

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