Image with Owl that asks an eye or a eye

Is It “An Eye” Or “A Eye”? Here’s The Answer:

English is a confusing language; there are so many rules and then exceptions to them!

If you’re wondering whether you should use an eye or a eye, the correct answer is: an eye.

Eye starts with the vowel “e” and is also pronounced like the vowel “i”. Since “eye’ begins with a vowel sound, we use the article “an” before it.

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Rules for using “a” or “an”

Image shows Rules for using “a” or “an”

“A” and “an” are indefinite articles that modify nouns (person, place, or thing).

A is used when the noun begins with a consonant, or sounds like a consonant.

  • A kite
  • A balloon
  • A duck
  • A dictionary


  • A unicorn (Sounds like Yoo-nicorn)
  • A unique ant (Sounds like Yoo-nique)*
  • A one-car garage (Sounds like Won-car)

* Notice that when the noun is modified by an adjective, the article used depends on the sound of that adjective.

An precedes a word that begins with a vowel (a,e,i,o,u, and sometimes y).

  • An eraser
  • An octopus
  • An igloo
  • An egg
  • An apple
  • An ant
  • An umbrella

Is it “a” or “an” before H?

There is also some confusion of using  a vs an with nouns that start with an “h”.

The rule is that you should use a with words that start with a pronounced h.

  • A horse
  • A hero

Then use an with words starting with a silent h.

  • An hour
  • An honest man

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